POOSH is a revolutionary point of sale (POS) concept. This concept offers an alternative to the unaesthetic, grey and cold POS, with an appealing, interactive and personalized solution.
POOSH, in addition to allowing for the administering of the supply chain of your company, facilitates interaction with your customers through a second monitor and is also a visually attractive object.
After a long process of research and development, the result we now present is a perfect synthesis of functionality, interactivity and aesthetics.

A beautiful step forward

POOSH is a in a class of his own. Packed with a powerfull computer inside, it is the outside that turns your everyday POS into an elegante addition to your establishment. Designed to fit on the most glamourous spaces, it bleeds into your space thanks to a choice of different finishes to customize your POOSH. Seamless and beautifull, it ensures nothing gets between you and your costumers.

Elegance from any angle

Sophisticated, clean and ergonomic lines.

Available in two different styles

Where technology and design meet hand crafted expertise


POOSH’s innovative design is materialized through the experience and skill of craftsmen who are able to produce real works of art. This craftsmanship teamed up with the latest technology creates a new concept of POS. In the product development process we maintain an ecological concern, especially in the selection and sustainable management of the natural raw materials we use. In each POOSH we have invested love, competence and dedication in a commitment to quality, excellence and attention to detail.

A new vision on points of sale